28.09.17 09:07

Asian Games participants bid farewell to Olympic village

The time has come for the Asian Games participants to part with the hospitable capital of Turkmenistan and with new friends they met in the course of the competitions. Ashgabat’s Olympic village was home to some five thousand sportsmen and coaches for two weeks. The spacious hotel buildings provided all the conditions for comfortable living and relaxation after the tight encounters at the sports arenas. Going out of the temporary dwellings, the guests of the Asian Games were met with genuine hospitality everywhere they went. They were pleased to get acquainted with the cultural and spiritual traditions of Turkmenistan.

The international sports festival embodied the remarkable traditions of national festivities. The participants and guests of this festival had the opportunity to learn and love the Turkmen cuisine by testing its various dishes, not only listen to the Turkmen music but even take lessons of playing national instruments, master the first skills of carpet making and get in touch with the other pages of national heritage...

Volunteers and service personnel stood ready to share with the guests a lot of interesting things about the country's customs and rituals. The most popular souvenirs were the images of horses and Alabai dogs, embroidered skullcaps - Takhya, national sheep hats and other works of craft and decorative and applied art. As in a drop of water, all those works reflected the rich world of the Turkmen national heritage.


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