24.09.17 11:17

Equestrian Jumping winners decided at V Asian Games in Ashgabat

Equestrian Jumping is a new sport in the program of the Asian Games - 2017. This sport was included in the program of the Games at the hosts’ initiative, since the centuries old Turkmen culture is noted for special caring for horses. The Equestrian Jumping competition is the only outdoor sport of the Games that was held in the open arena of the Equestrian Sports Complex in the outskirts of Ashgabat.

The program of the competition included individual and team jump-off events against the clock. The Akhal-Teke Cup was the third discipline in the individual event, in which all riders performed on the Akhal-Teke horses.

Saudi Arabia’s riders celebrated victory in jump-offs in the team event. They also scored most of the medals in the unofficial team standings: one gold and two silver medals.

The Qatari rider, Hamad Ali Al Attiyah, won the first place in the individual event. The Qatari team also got a silver medal.

Turkmenistan’s representative Nikolay Beglaryan, riding a stallion named Toychy (wedding, festive), won the Akhal-Teke Cup.

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