15.08.17 09:32

Exhibition of unique finds of Bronze Age opens in Ashgabat

An opening ceremony for an exhibition of unique mosaic panels was held at the Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan. These panels were discovered several years ago during the excavation of a Bronze Age monument at Gonur Depe.

The artifacts were found by the expedition led by the famous archaeologist, academician Victor Sarianidi, who handed them to the Museum of Fine Arts. In the following three years, Turkmen restorers worked on restoration of these finds with the support of the US Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation. Such ornamental and thematic mosaic compositions have no match in the art of the Ancient East. That is why their discovery can be considered a scientific sensation.

The mosaic compositions were restored by the staff of two national historical and cultural reserves, Ancient Merv and Abiverd, jointly with the specialists from the State Research Institute of Restoration of the Ministry of Culture of Russia.


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