03.06.17 10:43

Children's summer vacation season begins in Turkmenistan

The summer vacation season has started for children of Turkmenistan. Tens of thousands of children will enjoy a good time and gather strength at the country’s health centers.

In this regard, the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan has reviewed issues related to the orderly conduct of the summer vacation season for schoolchildren ahead of the start of the summer holidays.

Fourteen children's health centers for 7095 children in the resort town of Geokdere, eight centers for 1783 children at the Avaza national tourist zone and six new regional recreation centers for 1500 children have already received the first groups of vacationers.

In addition, twelve regional children's health centers will receive 480 children in the first shift, while 14 865 children will attend 535 summer playgrounds at schools.

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