24.05.17 09:10

VIII International Gas Congress kicks off in Turkmenistan

The VIII International Gas Congress (TGC-2017) and Gas Industry Exhibition are under way at the Avaza National Tourist Zone. The event has brought together over 300 delegates from 36 countries, including top managers of large oil and gas companies, representatives of the branch-wise ministries and departments, international organizations, financial institutions, research and design institutes and the mass media.

The forum participants include representatives of Russia, the US, China, Belgium, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, India, Turkey, Iran and other countries.

The first plenary session of the VIII International Gas Congress discussed the central trends in development of the global gas market and Turkmenistan’s role at the global energy market. Representatives of the fuel and energy sector of Turkmenistan briefed the prospective partners on the key aspects of the energy strategy and plans of development of the gas industry of Turkmenistan.

The speakers touched on the issues related to the safe and secure access to energy sources and transportation of energy. The congress participants were also briefed on preparations for the Energy Charter Forum titled “Towards a Multilateral Framework Agreement on Transit of Energy Resources” to be held in Ashgabat in late May.

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