16.05.17 09:23

People's Artist of Turkmenistan exhibits his works in Ashgabat

A solo exhibition of works by People's Artist of Turkmenistan Annadurdy Muradaliyev was held at the Turkmen State Museum of Fine Arts. The exhibition marks the 65th birthday of the painter who is in the prime of his artistic life, constantly searching for new forms in painting.  

The works by the People's Artist of Turkmenistan are well known not only in his native country but also far beyond its borders. His paintings were exhibited in many countries of the world. Many of them now belong to a number of foreign museums and private collections. In the past year alone, Annadurdy Muradaliyev took the third place at the biannual exhibition “Silk Road” in Dushanbe and won the prize of the exhibition at the Russian Academy of Arts.

Muradaliyev is one of the outstanding representatives of modern Turkmen fine arts. Having consciously abandoned the once dominant socialist realism painting techniques, the painter creates in his works a world of images with clear national identity. At the same time, he communicates with the viewer through the language of symbols and allegories. His favorite painting techniques, such as the departure from using rich colors, noticeable static nature of images, an unusual angle of light, do not interfere with the development of inner dynamics of images, as they only emphasize their amazing expressiveness.

Regarded as a kind of professional review of his works, the exhibition exposed visitors to the power of the artist's unfading creative talent and a great range of his new artistic plans.


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