10.05.17 09:15

Turkmenistan celebrates Victory Day

The 72nd anniversary of the Great Victory was celebrated on a large-scale in Turkmenistan. This day takes an important place in the national calendar, as it embodies the idea of peaceful coexistence, goodwill and humanism.

On May 9, a solemn flower-laying ceremony was held at the monument to the heroes killed in the war near the memorial complex in Ashgabat. The action brought together all the war veterans, as well as many representatives of labor collectives, residents of Ashgabat, including sons and daughters, grandsons and great-grandsons of the hero war veterans. Young soldiers, who currently serve in the armed forces of Turkmenistan, stood shoulder to shoulder with the war veterans in the square in front of the memorial complex. In a matter of minutes, the foot of the monument was covered with the fragrant carpet of spring flowers.

On this day, solemn flower-laying ceremonies and traditional commemorative meals were held in all the cities and villages of Turkmenistan on the occasion of this memorable date.


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