09.06.15 11:18

Turkmen music festival in Moscow

The Russian capital hosted the First Moscow International Festival of Turkmen Classical Music “Sounds of Dutar” named after Nury Khalmamedov. Turkmen music gained international recognition and admirers all over the world largely owing to the art works by the great composer, whose musical compositions are replete with deep folk cultural traditions.

It was in Moscow that Nury Khalmamedov got the magnificent music composing skills and wrote many of his immortal musical compositions. And now, after many years, the Moscow audience received another opportunity to get in touch with the treasure of the Turkmen composer’s art works.

People's Artist of Russia, Zurab Tsereteli, who is the great admirer of Nury Khalmamedov’s works, provided the venue for the festival. The Turkmen classical music was performed by musicians from different countries in the spacious halls of the Museum and Exhibition Complex of the Russian Academy of Arts (Zurab Tsereteli Art Gallery). The two-day event was attended by the great number of people.

Representatives of Japan took a genuine interest in the idea of holding such a festival. The Japanese Embassy in Moscow took an active part in organizing the festival. The fact is that Nury Khalmamedov’s vocal cycle “Interrupted Songs of Children of Hiroshima and Nagasaki” are particularly revered in Japan. This vocal cycle performance in the framework of the festival was a kind of tribute to the victims of nuclear bombings that happened 70 years ago.

The versatility of the Turkmen composer art works guided the variety of different genres of contemporary art in the program of the festival: music, choreography, poetry. The idea of ​​the festival belongs to the young pianist and composer from Ashgabat, Mamed Huseynov, who is the art director of the project. The success of this music forum gives hope for the annual recurrence of the Turkmen music festivals in Moscow.


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