07.08.13 14:22

Turkmen literary heritage comes in electronic format

The internet resource “Medeniet” (Culture) has presented a new section of the Virtual Library. It has been prepared jointly with the Institute of Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan.

From now on, the literary heritage of the Turkmen people will be available in the electronic format. The Virtual Library will feature scientific and art works making up the golden fund of the national classics, folk art, etc. The new section of the website will offer readers electronic editions of epics such as “Oguznama”, “Gorkut Ata”, “Gerogly”, folk poems “Shasenem-Garyp”, “Hurlukga-Hemra”, “Asly-Kerem”, “Yusup-Ahmet”, “Kasim Oglan”, “Gulpam”, “Hatamtay”, legends and myths, folk tales, songs, lullabies, riddles, proverbs, etc.

In addition to the electronic versions of the literary monuments, the new section will also provide for the photocopies of original works in the form of illustrative samples of manuscripts.

The website is expected to become a comprehensive database of the manuscript heritage of the Turkmen people. It is designed for professionals - historians, literary scholars and orientalists, linguists, anthropologists, archaeologists, as well as for a range of readers.

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