30.06.13 14:26

First yacht club opens on Turkmen coast of Caspian Sea

A number of festive events took place on the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea as part of the Week of Culture. They included the inauguration of the Yacht Club “Ýelken” (Sail), complementing the seaside resort infrastructure, as well as a concert with participation of the artists of Turkmenistan and foreign pop-stars. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov attended these events.

The Yacht Club “Ýelken” has been built by Turkish company Polimex. It is a multifunctional complex of buildings and facilities. A total of 362,000 square meters of land were allocated for the complex. Of them, more than 32 thousand square meters occupied the construction site, which began in July 2009. The complex consists of the Yacht Club’s main building, a harbor with moorings for boats, numerous recreational and service facilities such as restaurants, cafes, swimming pools, sports and children play grounds, dozens of two-storey villas of different type.

In total, there are 44 villas, each covering an area exceeding 200 square meters, and 13 comfortable cottages. The complex can accommodate about 400 people, offering them modern service around the clock.

In addition to the guest residences and the Yacht Club with a harbor, the complex boasts 16 catering facilities such as restaurants, cafes and bars with sea view, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and leisure centers. A harbor with moorages constitutes the main part of the Yacht complex. It is designed to serve 40 yachts. “Ýelken” became the first such facility in the country.

During the inauguration of the Yacht Club, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov watched the show by masters of synchronized swimming, parade of kites, as well as performance by professional surfers, aqua-breakers and hydro-cyclists.

Following the water sports show, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and visitors went on a sea cruise on the ship named Charlak (Seagull). This is the first large passenger vessel built with the support of the specialists of the State Service of River and Sea Transport of Turkmenistan. The vessel can simultaneously take on board 320 passengers. Charlak will run on routes Turkmenbashi - the island of Gyzylsuv (red water) and Turkmenbashi – Khazar. This modern ship-hull with the length of about 34 and width of about 9 meters is equipped with electronic navigation system. The ship’s crew consists of four men.

A concert of masters of culture and arts of Turkmenistan and other countries was held on the banks of Avaza river in the evening. The musical show with participation of leading Turkmen artists and popular artists from abroad became the main event of the Week of Culture.

People in the concert enjoyed the performances by popular music stars from the U.S., Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and Lebanon. Among them were Jennifer Lopez, Philip Kirkorov, Ani Lorak, Sati Kasanova, Reflex group, Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, Turkish artists Mustafa Sandal and Ziynet Sali, Chinese singer Syadiyya Sya and Yan Xiao and others. The evening ended with colorful fireworks.

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