27.05.13 11:13

Day of Turkmen Carpet celebrated in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan held large-scale festivities dedicated to Turkmen Carpet Day. Meetings, art exhibitions and contests, concerts and theatrical performances marking this significant date were organized in all the cities and regions of the country.

The main events took place in Ashgabat, including the traditional international exhibition “Turkmen Carpet - Soul of Turkmen People” as well as XIII Conference of the World Association of Connoisseurs of Hand-Made Turkmen Carpets.

This large forum was organized by the State Association “Turkmenhaly” (Turkmen carpet) jointly with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan. Delegations from European, Asian and the CIS countries arrived in Ashgabat to participate in the forum.

The exhibition was set up in the halls and galleries of the National Museum of Turkmen Carpet as well as in the open area near the museum. There were erected the stands decorated with magnificent carpets as well as national yurts with all the associated attributes, representing every region of Turkmenistan.

The colorful exhibition featured hundreds of hand-made carpets and rugs presented by all enterprises of art carpet weaving owned by the State Association “Turkmenhaly”, as well as national and foreign private enterprises. Among the exhibits were the classic ornamental carpets, pure wool and silk carpets, landscape and gorgeous thematic pictures on carpets – winners of the traditional annual professional contests held in honor of Turkmen Carpet Day.

The exhibition also presented a variety of whole-floor carpets, including tapestry works made by masters and students of the Turkmen State Academy of Fine Arts and the Turkmen State Art School, a large collection of various gift items – cases, colorful handbags, travel bags and boxes - and samples of decorative patchwork art made of silk fabric called Keteni.

A vibrant panorama of everyday life of Turkmen ancestors opened to visitors outside the museum halls. A vast area housed an impromptu Turkmen village - the yurts dressed for the occasion and workshops with necessary harness. The processes of preparation and dyeing of yarn for carpet weaving, production of color felt mats, items of national dress, embroidery and other national women's handicraft were represented in all varieties.

A solemn ceremony of awarding the best workers of the industry was held as part of the exhibition. By the presidential decree, they were awarded the honorary title “Honored Carpet Maker of Turkmenistan”, diplomas and valuable gifts on the occasion of Turkmen Carpet Day.

In the afternoon, the participants of the forum gathered in the conference hall of the State Association "Turkmenhaly" for the regular conference of the World Association of Connoisseurs of Turkmen Hand Made Carpets.

Speakers raised important issues relating to the origins of the ancient patterns, characteristics of carpet art in different countries and different historical periods, use of modern computer programs and other innovative technologies in making carpet panels, etc. In the ensuing discussions, the conference participants noted a significant progress in the study of early archaeological and ethnographic evidence, written mentions of carpets and carpet symbolism in the Turkmen and foreign sources, unique historical and art significance of the ancient art of the Turkmen people.

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