09.05.13 12:29

Turkmenistan holds live-fire military exercises

Turkmenistan has successfully conducted the live-fire military exercises “Galkan-2013” (Shield - 2013) dedicated to the 68th anniversary of the Victory in the 1941-1945 World War II.

As the Turkmenistan.ru correspondent reports, the President of Turkmenistan, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Army General Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov observed the exercises, which were held in the Training Center “Kelyata” of the Ministry of Defence of Turkmenistan, which is located in Baharly district of Akhal province.

The Ministry of Defense holds military exercises every spring to demonstrate high combat skills and military capacity of the national army. Virtually all kinds of troops of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan were involved – artillery, aviation, infantry, air defense and special forces, etc.

The live-fire military exercises were also held in the Caspian Sea as part of “Galkan-2013,” involving military units of the Naval Forces of Turkmenistan.

The military exercises “Galkan-2013” consisted of three stages. At the first stage, the Turkmen troops made a counter-attack and took the lines occupied by the conditional enemy. At the second stage, conditions were created for the passage of the main troops of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, who repelled the attack of the conditional enemy and inflicted heavy damage on them. At the final stage, the Turkmen troops forced the conditional enemy to surrender and took measures to restore the combat readiness of the army, fire system and integrity of the state border.

Upon completion of the military exercises, Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov addressed the military commanders and soldiers participating in the exercise. He sincerely thanked them for their professionalism and demonstration of high level of combat skills.

“We observed the military exercise “Galkan-2013” with great attention and admiration. I am confident that defenders of Motherland will remain a steel shield and unshakeable citadel of independent neutral Turkmenistan.” the head of state said. He authorized Minister of Defense of Turkmenistan Begench Gundogdiyev to confer awards on soldiers who distinguished themselves during the exercise “Galkan-2013.”

Then the President carefully examined the military hardware exhibited in a special area.

By tradition, the President of Turkmenistan had a cup of tea in the company of military personnel and cadets, who participated in the military exercises, as well as the war veterans who were invited to the exercise on the occasion of the Day of Victory celebrated these days across the country.

Congratulating the soldiers on the Day of Victory, the Turkmen leader wished them good health, long life, happiness, peace and prosperity.

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