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Fair and Conference marking Turkmen Horse Day opened in Ashgabat

The first-ever International Fair marking Turkmen Horse Day as well as the 5th International Scientific Conference titled “Turkmen horse and international art of horse breeding” opened in Ashgabat.
The fair was inaugurated at the Exhibition Palace “Sergi köşgi”. The ceremony brought together members of the government, heads of various ministries and departments, heads of the diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in Turkmenistan, representatives of scientific community and public associations and mass media. Among the guests were the delegates of the 3rd meeting of the International Association of Akhal-Teke Horse Breeding and members of the scientific conference “Turkmen horse and international art of horse breeding.”
Representatives of the international equestrian businesses are showing great interest in Turkmen horse breeding and Turkmenistan, as a dynamically developing market of horse industry and sports. This is clearly evidenced by the international fair featuring expositions of some 130 companies from 24 countries and more than 20 domestic enterprises. It has been organized by the State Corporation “Turkmenatlary” (Turkmen Horses) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan.

In total, over one thousand foreign participants of the exhibition represent business structures, horse associations and sports organizations of Switzerland, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Austria, Spain, the Czech Republic, the USA, India, UAE, Turkey, China, Japan, Bahrain Iran, Pakistan and Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Many of them demonstrate their products in Turkmenistan for the first time.

The current exhibition covers all the areas of horse industry such as horse riding, race track business, horse breeding, veterinary medicine, as well as products for horses, horse breeders and riders - horse equipment and outfit, feedstuff and food additives, veterinary drugs, equipment for stables, clothing and shoes for riders, special horse equipment for various sports, furriery and forged products.

In short, at the exhibition one can find everything that somehow is associates with the “horse world”. This theme continues in the exhibited works of designers, artists and photo artists from different countries, as well as all kinds of souvenirs.

Among the participants are well-known companies in the field of design and equipment for equestrian complexes, manufacture and supply of vehicles for transportation of horses, various machinery and tools, medical equipment, organization of auctions, as well as service providers in the field of media support for equestrian activities, organization of live broadcasts from races or long-distance horse marathons, private jockey clubs and vocational schools that train personnel for this industry.  

Many exhibitors, other than presenting the newest products, brought antique items to emphasize the continuity of traditions of quality, while others brought exclusive models and works of authorship such as works of saddle makers. Others try to draw visitors’ attention to their stands presenting country-specific clothes of riders, hunters or cowboys.

The rich information content of stands is complemented with booklets, brochures and other handouts, as well as TV monitors displaying videos about national equestrian festivals, horse races and sporting events with riders.

Various equestrian paraphernalia and all kinds of accessories are very popular among visitors.

Yet, Turkmenistan, occupying a significant part of the exhibition hall as a host country, presented the most colorful and literally rich exposition. A large pavilion, stylized as an oriental bazaar of handicrafts with elements of modern design, was set up at the center of the hall. It presents a combined thematic collection from the funds of Turkmenistan’s largest museums located in the capital city. It includes the great works of the national carpet and jewelry art, arts and crafts, as well as painting and sculpture.

The unique items of horse jewelry made by masters, who spared neither silver nor semi-precious stones nor efforts and time to create true masterpieces, are placed on display cases and pedestals. Some of them, though not as ceremonial as those intended for festive events, are very modest harnesses of so venerable age that they strike with awe when one sees markings on metal plates that might be traced back to a horse battle. More recent works of Turkmen jewelers are distinguished by amazing luxury features, showing the masters’ endless admiration for “heavenly horses” and their desire to create the most elegant attire matching the beauty of horses. This museum “collage” of rarities is enlivened by huge monitors displaying the dynamic movements of Akhal-Teke horses with all their agility and speed and irresistible charm.

Next to the central pavilion are no less colorful pavilions of the State Corporation “Turkmenatlary”, exhibiting the main trends of the industry development in all five provinces of the country, where horse breeding got new impetus with the commissioning of modern equestrian complexes as well as the National Institute of Sports and Tourism offering, among other specialties, training of Turkmen riders.

The performance by equestrian group “Galkinish” (Revival) was the crowning event of the fair on the opening day. A spectacular show by skillful riders on graceful and nimble Akhalteke horses on the outdoor arena of the exhibition center attracted a lot of viewers, all the participants of the fair and its guests, including a group of tourists from various countries.

The exhibition program includes a variety of activities that are closely related with the content of the exhibition - meetings and consultations with business representatives of the participating countries. During these informal conversations the industry professionals and experts not only discuss the characteristics of the exhibited products but also exchange experiences.

Turkmenistan, experiencing a new heyday of horse breeding, is also interested in attracting advanced technologies, innovation and know-how in the horse industry and putting them into practice. In this respect, the exhibition will certainly give impetus to development of the hippodrome business and will benefit the image of the Turkmen horse breeders and their pets. And most importantly, all the fair participants concurred on the relevance and urgency of such event, which will help start new joint projects, increasing the capacity of inter-industry partnerships and active integration of the national horse-breeding complex into the international equestrian industry.

Another significant event in a series of celebrations on the occasion of Turkmen Horse Day was the 5th International Conference “Turkmen horse and international art of horse breeding,” which also opened at the Exhibition Palace “Sergi köşgi”. This forum has been organized by the State Corporation “Turkmenatlary.” The forum brought together prominent scholars-hippologists, horse breeders, biologists, historians and ethnographers, as well as foreign journalists from dozens of countries.

The international scientific conference is designed to bring together scientists and experts to promote preservation and multiplication of purebred Akhal-Teke horses. The conference was divided into three thematic sections on the main topics of the specialized forum. As part of this forum, a total of 150 reports will be made, summarizing the current scientific and marketing research and practical results of the industry development in different countries.

The conference started with a plenary session at the conference hall of the Exhibition Center “Sergi köşgi”.

Among the speakers were the representatives of France, Turkey, Japan, Ukraine, Turkmenistan and other countries. They raised issues relating to the introduction of new methods of horse breeding, the possibility of using DNA analysis in identifying purebred Akhal-Teke horses, which are of high value as carriers of the unique gene pool, as well as new ways of testing purebred horses to determine their capacities and best qualities.

Speaking at the meeting, the Chairman of the Association of the horse industry of China invited those present to an unscheduled meeting of the International Association of Akhal-Teke Horse Breeding, to be held this autumn in the People's Republic of China, as a country showing a great interest in Akhal-Teke horses and one of the largest exporters of this breed of horses.

Following the plenary session, the conference continued to work in sections.

One of them, held in the conference hall of the Turkmen Agricultural University, focused on the tasks of breeding of Akhal-Teke horses.

The second section discussed issues related to the equestrian sport and tourism. This meeting was held at the conference hall of the National Institute of Sports and Tourism of Turkmenistan.

Finally, the third section discussed key areas of cooperation in the field of horse breeding. This important issue was discussed at the conference hall of the State Corporation “Turkmenatlary.”

Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov sent a welcome address to the participants of international forums. The President expressed confidence
that the current exhibition and conference will be an important contribution to the further development of cooperation in the field of horse breeding and defining new ways and forms of fruitful cooperation.

“We will continue the work we started in order to enhance the prestige of our ‘heavenly horses’, including through equestrian competitions, international beauty contests of Akhal-Teke horses and improving selection and breeding work,” the President of Turkmenistan said in his address.

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