07.12.12 21:48

THE DECLARATION of the CIS heads of state on further development of comprehensive cooperation

We, the heads of the CIS member-states, giving a positive assessment of the CIS and noting its role in the construction of the new architecture of mutual relations between the CIS member-states, addressing the key issues of regional and inter-regional development,

Expressing the desire to further develop mutually beneficial and multifaceted cooperation and capacity building of the CIS in solving the urgent problems of our time,

Recognizing the need to improve the effectiveness of the existing mechanisms of multilateral cooperation within the CIS, as well as the organizational, legal and institutional framework of the CIS,

Wishing to ensure economic progress and prosperity of the people of our countries,

Guided by the principles of democracy, humanism, and respect for human rights and freedoms, strengthening of the moral values, building trust and understanding between the peoples,

Reaffirming the commitment to preserve cultural diversity, dialogue of cultures, recognizing the right of the people to free national and cultural development,

Expressing the commitment to the goals and principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations and founding documents of the CIS, as well as the universally recognized norms of international law,


The establishment of the CIS was necessitated by the objective need to preserve the traditional humanitarian, economic and other relations in the period of history when there emerged new independent states, which, in turn, predetermined the viability of the CIS as an authoritative regional organization.

Over the years, the CIS has proved its relevance, serving as a political platform for discussion and resolution of political, economic, humanitarian and other issues of cooperation through international legal means.

We express readiness to further strengthen the role of the CIS in the establishment of the system of regional and inter-regional relations, along with a viable and effective cooperation mechanism, meeting the requirements of modern times.

We acknowledge the efforts of the CIS in strengthening the overall security and stability, considering it an important tool in prevention and settlement of disputes. We also consider it necessary to build the capacity of the CIS in using the means of preventive diplomacy and confidence building measures.

At present, there are new trends showing significant strengthening of the role of economic factors in development of international relations. In this regard, we consider it a priority to use the potential of economic cooperation in the CIS for the comprehensive solution of the social, economic and other issues. The most promising areas for the development of cooperation in this regard may include the establishment of international transport and communication corridors, development of energy, science and technology partnerships, and stimulation of investment activity.

We believe that one of the major factors contributing to the comprehensive development of the CIS is strengthening cooperation in the fields of culture, education, social rights and individual freedoms.

We emphasize that the organized crime, terrorism, illicit trafficking of narcotics and psychotropic substances pose serious threat to the safety of the CIS member-states, and declare our willingness to resolutely fight against these phenomena.

We consider it expedient to continue to work on the further improvement of the CIS activities and its legal framework, taking into account the world experience in management of international processes. We are firmly convinced of the need to continue developing relations in various fields and promote the strengthening of friendship and cooperation between the CIS member-states.

State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH)

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