25.06.12 23:49

Turkmenistan, EU plan to cooperate in using renewable energy sources

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted the talks with a delegation of the European Union, headed by newly appointed EU Ambassador to Turkmenistan Aurelia Bushez. According to the press release of the Turkmen Foreign Ministry, the sides exchanged views on the prospects for effective cooperation in several key areas.

A separate topic of discussions was cooperation in the energy sector in the context of Turkmenistan's strategy on diversification of the country's energy sector, including construction of new pipelines, including to Europe, to guarantee their operation and compliance with environmental safety standards.

In addition, the sides noted the presence of great prospects for joint work on renewable energy, the use of which is especially important in the climatic conditions of Turkmenistan.

Discussing the current issues of global and regional policy, the sides noted with satisfaction the similarity or coincidence of views of Turkmenistan and the EU on such issues as ensuring global stability and security and reliability of energy supplies to world markets, and achieving the goals of sustainable development.

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