22.06.12 15:23

Turkmenistan’s national cellular communication network provides services to more than 2,600 million subscribers

In providing services to “TM Cell” cellular communication network subscribers, the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan follows the state policy on social protection of the population by setting affordable tariffs for the use of cellular communication, and, by doing so, the Ministry invariably achieves high quality service. This was reported by the Ministry in the article published in “Neutral Turkmenistan” newspaper.

Established in 2004, the cellular communication operator “Altyn Asyr” joined the World Association of Cellular Communication Operators of GSM standard. The cellular communication network “TM Cell” of Turkmenistan received registration number 438 02. In a short period of time, “TM Cell” network has covered almost the entire country, and it currently provides cellular communication services to more than 2,600 million subscribers.

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