29.04.12 21:43

Tatarstan donated 170 books to National Library of Turkmenistan

The National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation has donated 170 books on the socio-economic development, culture and life of Tatarstan to the National Library of Turkmenistan. These books were presented at the exhibition organized in the framework of Days of Culture of Tatarstan in Turkmenistan, Tatar-Inform news agency said.

The exhibition also hosted a meeting with participation of writers and poets of Tatarstan and the creative intelligentsia of Turkmenistan. It was attended by poets - Member of Tatarstan’s State Council Razil Valeev; Editor in Chief of “Kazan Utlary” magazine Ravil Faizullin; and head of the Union of Writers of Tatarstan Ilfak Ibragimov, known to a wide range of readers under the pseudonym of Muhamat Mirza. They spoke before citizens of Turkmenistan and read their poems. Turkmen writers and poets also spoke at the meeting.

Days of Culture of Tatarstan in Turkmenistan were held in Ashgabat from 27 to 28 April. A delegation of 200 people from Tatarstan headed by Minister of Culture Airat Sibagatulinym participated in the activities dedicated to this event. President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov attended the closing ceremony of Days of Culture of Tatarstan in Turkmenistan.

This sunny country hosted a great number of events organized by Tatarstan and Turkmenistan such as a book fair, an exhibition of arts and crafts and souvenirs, a photo exhibition and an exhibition of exclusive author works by the leading masters of handicraft of Tatarstan, Days of Tatar films, including the documentary “100 Years of Tatar Theater” and the feature film “Berketler.”

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