11.01.12 11:08

Mejlis of Turkmenistan passes law “On Political Parties”

At their thirteenth session, the members of Mejlis of the fourth convocation unanimously adopted the law “On Political Parties”. According to the official report, the document has been prepared in accordance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights that the country joined in 1996, and Article 30 of the Constitution of Turkmenistan that guarantees the right of citizens to form political parties.

The law defines the legal basis for establishment of political parties, their rights and obligations, guarantees of their activities, and regulates the relations of political parties with government agencies and other organizations. The new law is designed to regulate social relations arising in connection with the exercise by citizens of Turkmenistan of their right to form political parties and the procedure of establishment, operation, reorganization and liquidation of political parties in the country.

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