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New Year Address by President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the People of Turkmenistan

Dear Compatriots,
My beloved people,

The year 2011, marked with an abundance of momentous events in life of the country, is coming to an end. Our independent neutral Motherland is confidently entering the New Year 2012 with great expectations and hopes.

I heartily congratulate you on the coming of the New Year 2012!

I wish you good health and long life, a happy and prosperous life, the fulfilment of all your hopes!

Let the New Year 2012 be the year of good luck, kindness and prosperity for our people!

As is known, we have done the tremendous work for the benefit of the beloved Motherland that is moving forward like a swift horse to new heights of progress, continued implementing the drastic reforms in all spheres of life and laid the groundwork for future ambitious changes.

In 2011, our people advanced with confidence along the path of unity and solidarity, friendship and cohesion, constructive endeavours and progress and gained significant achievements in developing the state and society. This year, we have fulfilled the ambitious tasks to turn our Motherland into a strong and prosperous state, ensure happiness and welfare of our people.

Our courageous people solemnly and widely celebrated the 20th anniversary of state independence of our Motherland this year. The nationwide celebrations in honour of the anniversary of independence reflected to the full extent the spirituality of our people and their endless life for their Motherland.

The ongoing economic reforms in the country have given a powerful impetus to develop the industrial sector and enhance the economic strength of our state.

The progress made in the economic sector has created conditions for the significant improvement in the people’s well-being and living standards in 2011.

The year 2011 marked with the outstanding achievements in modernizing the agro-industrial sector and creating an abundance of food products has become indeed the year of high incomes.

In 2011 we have performed the work planned for this year as provided for this year in the National Programme for the improvement of the social and living conditions in villages, settlements, towns in etraps and etrap centres for the period till 2020.

The implementation of this Programme has made it possible to dramatically change the appearance of velayats and etraps, towns and villages and significantly improve the people’s welfare.

This year large-scale construction of various facilities, including plants and factories, industrial facilities and apartment houses, medical, tourist and sports centres and hundreds of other buildings has been launched in the capital, Ashgabat as well as throughout the country. As a result, our country has turned into a blossoming oasis, a paradise on earth. This work will be continued at a rapid pace in the future.

Our national culture is some kind of mirror reflecting outstanding economic achievements, harmony reigning in our society and spiritual revival of the nation.

Culture and art in our wonderful country have come to a qualitatively new level of development. The vast opportunities to promote this sphere were provided through the construction and commissioning of dozens of cultural facilities, including the arts town.

Dear compatriots,

The great traditions underlying unity and solidarity of the Turkmen people for millennia, Gorkut Ata’s wise precepts that helped to strengthen the foundations of the states built by our ancestors, the humanistic policy that ensured the prosperity of the Seljuk state and Magtymguly’s dreams of a sovereign state are embodied in the Monument to the Constitution built in the capital of Turkmenistan this year.

Such distinctive features of the national character as the love for the motherland, the aspiration for solidarity, friendship and brotherhood that permeated the spirit of the Basic Law have led to the enhancement of the international prestige, authority and fame of our state.

This year our neutral Motherland has made great progress in the foreign policy. This policy pursued in line with the national principles and for the benefit of the people has won widespread international support. In 2011 our country moving forward along the path of peaceful development has established close contacts and mutually advantageous cooperation with developed countries of the world.

The mentality helps our people to faithfully perform the historic mission of the peacemaking state in the region, and the significant work has been done in this sphere.

Our country put forward the new important initiatives and proposals at the sixty-sixth session of the United Nations General Assembly. Our neutral state advocates a respectful attitude towards all nations and by pursuing the friendship-based foreign policy urges to address emerging problems in different regions of the planet by political and diplomatic means.

The initiatives we put forward from the rostrum of the United Nations are aimed at promoting the interests of our people as well as the interests of mankind. And these proposals evolve from our fundamental principle “a state for the people”.

Being guided by national interests, our country by taking an active part globally in the political, economic, cultural and humanitarian, scientific and technological and information spheres of collaboration has chosen the path of wide cooperation with all nations of the world. This year we have worked much towards promoting equal cooperation with many countries.

We can say with confidence that the year 2011 has been concluded with great successes and outstanding labour victories! In 2012 if Almighty grant we are going to maintain a rapid pace of the large-scale reforms launched in all fields and broaden the scope of work.

Dear friends,

As you know, the important political event in life of the country – the presidential election will take place on February 12, 2012. We believe that this important political action will be held in a proper manner in accordance with national laws, on an alternative basis, in line with the principles of democracy, openness and transparency, with active involvement of all segments of our society. I wish success to all presidential nominees!

Dear compatriots,

The year 2012 will hold ambitious plans for us. To fulfil them we will rely on inexhaustible vigour and unbending spirit of our people! We will unite even closely and work more persistently and enthusiastically next year as we are to achieve the common aim – to make our country a prosperous state!

Dear Turkmen citizens,

The New Year 2012 will come in a few minutes! Let this New Year coming to us bringing bright hopes and high expectations, benign intentions be the year of happiness and prosperity, the year of the fulfilled dreams, the year of good luck and great success for every citizen of Turkmenistan!

Let the New Year bring peace and harmony to your families!
Happy New Year 2012, dear compatriots!

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