28.10.11 13:14

Turkmenistan demonstrates fighting strength in Independence Day parade

On October 27, the day of celebration of the 20th anniversary of Turkmenistan’s independence, a military parade was held on the main square of Ashgabat, which has become a kind of demonstration of the fighting strength of the country. President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and members of the government watched the parade from the central tribune.

The first to enter the square were a group of flag-bearers, students of the military schools, male and female cadets of the higher military education establishments, the best battalions representing all arms of the National Armed Forces of Turkmenistan. The crown of the anniversary parade was a procession of a group of horsemen - soldiers on Akhal-Teke horses, who from time immemorial have been full participants in the big celebrations of the Turkmen people.

As part of the parade, modern military equipment passed in front of the tribune. There were demonstrated special military cars BARS Land Rower, the anti-missile system Caracal and the military complex Malyutka, APC-80, APC-80A and APC-80M, armored cars MANTRA and PMV-SURVIVOR II carrying the drones Toyota HILUX and SKYLARK adopted by the border troops.

In front of the main tribune also proceeded armored military equipment, including T-90 and T-72 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) of various modifications, self-propelled artillery units, including howitzer 2C-1 Gvozdika and 2C-3 Acacia, anti-missile systems Sturm-C, anti-aircraft system Shilka, CUB and Strela-10, batteries of artillery guns, including MT-12, Rapira, D-20 and D-30, M-46, MSTA-B, Hyacinth-B. They were followed by the columns of mechanized rocket launchers - modern multiple launch rocket systems Grad BM-1, Hurricane, Twister, Kolchuga systems adopted by air defense troops, anti-aircraft missile complexes Osa, C-125, Pechora -2M, C-200V. Helicopters Eurocopter, AS-365, Mi-24P, Mi-17V-5 and MI-8MT also flew over the square.

Performance by composite military orchestra of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan wrapped up the official military parade.

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