15.09.11 14:19

New powerful inflow of oil obtained in Turkmen Caspian shelf

In the process of prospecting works, specialists of the State Concern “Turkmenneft” obtained powerful commercial inflow of oil at North Koturdepe field located in the coastal zone of the Caspian Sea.

Oilmen opened at once three new high-yield formations at this well, which was drilled in the shallow waters of the Caspian Sea at a distance of one kilometer from the shore. According to preliminary estimates of the Turkmen specialists, their output amounts to 730 tons per day.

“Turkmenneft” also said that a well that was drilled in June this year in the “offshore area” of North Koturdepe field produced 800 tons of oil per day.

Turkmen oilmen say the new inflow of oil is another evidence of the enormous potential of the Turkmen shelf of the Caspian Sea and the coastal zone. They do not exclude the possibility of opening new stocks of hydrocarbons here.

Hydrocarbon resources of the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea are currently estimated at 12 billion tons of oil and 6.5 trillion cubic meters of gas.

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