06.06.11 23:29

Turkmen Foreign Ministry accuses Regnum news agency of lies and provocations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan issued a press release in connection with the fact that “the Russian news agency Regnum has systematically disseminated inaccurate, biased information about Turkmenistan, sometimes distorting or openly falsifying the interpretation of various aspects of cooperation between our country and other nations.” The Ministry’s press release refutes a number of reports by the news agency, calling them provocative and planted:

“IA Regnum has recently issued provocative in nature and totally false information, with reference to some “sources close to the government of Turkmenistan”, relating to construction of the mining and processing complex for extraction and enrichment of potassium salts in Turkmenistan, which is carried out jointly with Belarusian partners.” IA Regnum also cites absurd speculation by the above-mentioned “sources” about some kind of hidden credits and various financing schemes. At the same time, as before, the agency gives no argument to prove such “conclusions”.

It is unclear why IA Regnum attacks Turkmenistan, and simultaneously the Republic of Belarus, in an attempt to denigrate the cooperation between the two countries of CIS who jointly implement a large-scale project of great economic and social significance. This project, which begun in 2009, is well-known from Turkmenistan and Belarusian sources, the press has repeatedly written about all the aspects of its implementation, including financial ones, and they are reflected in official documents. It only remains to assume that such base reporting by IA Regnum, coming up a year and a half since the signing of bilateral agreements, is a primitive planting, which, unfortunately, is still prevalent as a tool for achieving one's own goals.

In the same manner, IA Regnum reported that in the course of a recent visit to Ashgabat by the Chairman-in-Office of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Foreign Minister of Lithuania Audryunosa Ažubalis urged the authorities of Turkmenistan to “cancel all restrictions on registration and activities of nongovernmental organizations.” On the substance of this message we should note the following:

Firstly, no such calls were made by the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, at least during his Ashkhabad talks. IA Regnum quotes obviously unreliable sources, or, at best, very loosely interprets the content of the talks.

Second, Regnum, since it reports about Turkmenistan, should be aware that there were no any restrictions on operations of nongovernmental organizations and religious communities and groups. Today, they work freely and legally in Turkmenistan and have all the rights provided by law.

In connection with the foregoing, the Turkmen Foreign Ministry deems it necessary to state that such messages distributed through the channels of the Russian news agency Regnum are reasonably perceived as provocative. The Turkmen side has repeatedly pointed to the inadmissibility of replication of inaccurate or unverified information about Turkmenistan by some Russian media. In this context, the Turkmen Foreign Ministry notes that the continuation of this destructive practice will not be overlooked by the Turkmen side,” says the press release from the Foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan.

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