05.05.11 13:39

Turkmenistan airlines to introduce e-tickets from July 1

The State National Service “Turkmenhowayollary” (Turkmenistan Airlines) will introduce electronic tickets starting from 1 July this year. This system will operate at all airports, the Main Agency of air transport in Ashgabat, regional agencies, Turkmenistan Airlines offices abroad and in other sales offices.

As the Turkmenistan.ru correspondent has learnt from "Turkmenhowayollary", at the first stage of introduction of electronic documents, certifying the contract of air transportation between a passenger and "Turkmenhowayollary", electronic tickets will be sold in the sales offices.

Turkmenistan has contracted SITA company from the U.S. to ensure "paperless" passenger service. Simultaneously, those "Turkmenhowayollary" staff who are supposed to operate the telecommunication system for booking and issuing of tickets have been trained at SITA’s training centers in Europe.

All information is being collected and stored in the database of Turkmenistan Airlines that will make it possible to use it for sale of electronic tickets over internet, Turkmenistan Airlines said.

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