07.04.11 13:15

Huawei and Nokia Siemens Networks to increase capacity of national cellular operator Altyn Asyr

Turkmentelekom company plans to implement a number of large-scale projects in 2011 to increase dramatically the capacity of the telecommunications sector and raise the level and quality of cellular services for people and organizations of Turkmenistan.

According to the State News Agency TDH, the Ministry of Communications of Turkmenistan signed a contract with Huawei Technologies and Nokia Siemens Networks to further increase the capacity of a cellular network operated by the national operator Altyn Asyr based on 2G and 3G standards. There will be also taken measures to develop the mobile network in CDMA standard with an additional increase in capacity by 50 thousand subscribers.

In this area, it is planned to introduce new services using advanced data transmission technologies. The main attention will be paid to the needs of rural areas of Turkmenistan. Measures are also being taken to increase the capacity of connection to internet over a satellite channel and fiber-optic lines, the agency noted.

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