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Commercial bridge from Ashgabat to Moscow

Appearance of specialized store with Turkmen goods became a pleasant surprise for regular visitors of the supercenter Mosmart situated in the large residential area in the south-west of Russian capital. Clothing of denim, home textile, bed-clothes submitted at the shop windows are at stable demand. As judged by the rush of customers and sales volume in the store marketing policy of the state enterprise «Turkmen-intorg» of the Ministry of trade and foreign economic relations of Turkmenistan turned out to be right.
Trademark «Trading house of Turkmeni-stan» is truly new occurrence for the Russian consumer market. This is only the first step in the direction of extremely prospective line of development. Nevertheless that Turkmen market is being commoditized with Russian goods, retail sector in the relations between two countries was «one way street» until very recently.
According to the management of «Trading house of Turkmenistan» Ltd. which is the founder of the same-name store just lower minimum of opportunities of bilateral cooperation in the field of commodity exchange is realized. «Trading house of Turkmenistan» intends to increase quantity of company stores, expand list of imported goods, forge relationship with large retailers and arrange wholesale supply to Moscow and Moscow region as well as other areas of Russian Federation. It should be remembered that the purpose of «Trading house of Turkmenistan» is not only arrangement of permanently working show and trade areas that will promote settlement of transactions between business structures of two countries, but also rendering of consulting services as to trade arrangement in the territory of Turkmenistan.
– Goods that can occupy worthy place on the Russian counters are not restricted by cotton commodities – general director of «Trading house of Turkmenistan» Begendik Artykov says – Today we sell hand made carpets of natural wool and woven cloth of Turkmen silk – keteni which is exoticism for local buyers. Goods of food, medical, chemical and many other industries of Turkmenistan produced by state and private enterprises will find their niche here. Presently we discuss issues concerning arrangement of wholesale supplies for dozens of Russian companies which are interested in Turkmen goods. One can note high level of demand, as for conclusion of contracts – it’s a matter of time.
Soon opening of Trade House in the city of Astrakhan – which is an important component in the logistic chain of delivery Turkmen goods to Russia – will promote flow expansion of Turkmen goods. The quickest way of goods delivery is their transfer from international port of Turkmenbashi through Caspian Sea to the port of Astrakhan, after that goods can be delivered by automobile or railway transport to any region of Russia.
«Trading house of Turkmenistan» opened in Moscow is the first business representative office of the Ministry of trade and foreign economic relations of Turkmenistan abroad so this experience can be considered as pioneering. Next to Russia «Turkmenintorg» opened similar company in Belarus, and intence to open Trade Houses in other foreign countries where Turkmenistan has close trade links.

Published in “Turkmenistan” magazine, issue № 1-2 (70-71) 2011

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