04.03.11 19:18

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan reveals underlying reason of conflict with MTS

The press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan has issued a statement for press in connection with reports that appeared in some Russian mass media saying that MTS company sent letters to a number of foreign firms inviting them to “carefully consider” the issue of attractiveness of Turkmenistan’s market. In this regard, the Ministry found it necessary to make it public that “the underlying reason of this kind of unscrupulous attacks is obvious and as follows:”

"In December last year, MTS stopped its operations in Turkmenistan in connection with the expiration of the 5-year term of a relevant agreement, which was the base document regulating the company’s operations in Turkmenistan.

It should be noted that during the entire period of its work in Turkmenistan MTS charged unreasonably high tariffs for providing communications services. At the same time, MTS transferred only a very small portion of its huge profits to the Turkmen side. This situation was clearly abnormal. Upon the expiration of the said agreement, the Turkmen side, having sent an advance notice to MTS in accordance with the letter of the agreement, offered the company to terminate its operations in the country. Simultaneously, the Turkmen side offered to negotiate repurchasing the company’s property located in the territory of Turkmenistan. Thus, all the generally accepted norms and rules have been met."

The Foreign Ministry would like to emphasize that Turkmenistan views the activities of Russian companies on its territory as a crucial component of bilateral interstate trade and economic ties. “That is why the attacks by MTS are of utmost concern for the Turkmen side in the context of the further development of economic cooperation between the two countries,” the statement for press says.

“With regard to the investment climate in Turkmenistan, 1677 companies with foreign capital are currently successfully operating in the country. 2,362 investment projects worth US $ 45.7 billion were registered in Turkmenistan.

Against this background, the attempts by MTS to cast a shadow on the business reputation of Turkmenistan as a reliable partner look absurd and totally inconsistent with the accepted norms of the civilized world of relationships in business. The base PR-technologies applied by MTS, as can be seen, in no way affect the determination of numerous foreign partners of the country that continue to strengthen their long-term cooperation with Turkmenistan,” the Turkmen Foreign Ministry said.

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