25.10.10 21:54

Turkmenistan harvests more than 1.07 million tons of cotton

Over 1 million 70 thousand tons of cotton were delivered to the state storages by Turkmen cotton growers who fulfilled their contractual obligation on the eve of the country's main holiday - Independence Day, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH) said. The harvest campaign is continuing. Farmers keep the pace to harvest the entire crop to the last cotton hull, the agency reports.

Cotton growers of Mary province were the first in Turkmenistan to fulfill their contractual obligation. They are followed by the farmers of Balkans, Lebap and Akhal provinces. Cotton growers of Dashoguz province are also close to the finish.

According to TDH, Turkmen farmers increase cotton harvest every year through intensive agriculture, i.e. by increasing the level of crop yield. This process is facilitated by science-based zoning of cotton grades, with the most optimal set of cotton allocated for each province, district and even household, technical re-equipment of the industry, rise of payments for raw cotton, various benefits for farmers, establishment of the State of Cotton Trading Company "Ak Altyn", which alleviated the farmers' burden in terms of sales of cotton, as well as favorable weather conditions.

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