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New-old route
Will Russian oil again flow to Turkmenistan? Presently, possible transportation of the Russian oil, from Siberia to Turkmenistan through the territory of Kazakhstan, in particularly, is studied. The press-service of KazMunayGas national company informed Panorama that unused capacities of oil pipeline Omsk - Pavlodar - Shimkent- Chardzhou belonging to East branch of KazTransOil state company, which is a part of KazMunayGas can be used.

The press-service has noted, that there are all necessary technical opportunities for pumping of the Siberian oil by this route. As it is known, by this oil pipeline, which in the future can become a part of Western Kazakhstan - Western China export pipeline, the Russian companies want to transport oil both in Chinese direction and to Seydinsk complex (Chardzhou) in case of proper arrangements with Turkmenistan are signed. Following this route, the Russian Federation could go to the markets of neighboring Afghanistan or Iran. Omsk - Pavlodar - Shimkent - Chardzhou oil pipeline was constructed stage by stage within 1977 - 1983 with the purpose of transportation of Western Siberian oil to oil processing factories of Pavlodar, Shimkent and Chardzhou. Annual capacity of oil pipeline to Omsk - Pavlodar direction makes 29,4 million tons, Pavlodar-Shimkent - 22 million tons and Shimkent - Chardzhou - 7 million tons.

After collapse of the USSR and termination of deliveries of Western Siberian oil 11 km-294.5 km part of Shimkent - Chardzhou pipeline was not operated. In 1999 operation of this part of the pipeline was stopped. Press-service informed that now Eastern branch carries out delivery of oil to Pavlodar and Shimkent plant.

Moreover, the branch provides delivery of oil by bulk-oil points of Artasu and Shagir for its further transportation to Aktau port and to foreign countries. As a whole, according to the press-service, last year the Eastern branch has pumped and delivered 10 million 297 thousand tons of oil, that is 25% more, than in 2001. Growth of parameters speaks first of all about increase of volumes of oil development on Kumkolsk deposits.

As the press-service has noted, this year design of construction of Kenkiyak - Aralsk - Kumkol pipeline with length at about 700 km which will be carried out within the framework of the agreement signed at the end of the last year on cooperation between KazMunayGaz and HHL, will start.

Panorama weekly (Kazakhstan), N11, 2003.

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By Yelena Butirina

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