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Loya Jirga will determine future of Afghanistan
Entire history of this long-suffering state evidences that peoples inhabiting there are independent. Afghans always showed a severe resistance during the attempt upon their freedom: it is possible to win Afghanistan it is possible and to keep - it is impossible. Afghanistan became a stumbling-block for British Empire, which never was defeated. Three times it waged war against rebellious people, and three times was defeated. The Soviet Russia, on the contrary, in 1919 of the first has recognized Afghanistan's independence and has assured peace for its southern borders. However, in the 70th the Kremlin administration has forgotten lessons of history and invaded into Afghanistan, having signed thus a verdict for it.

Since then, for more than 20 years Afghanistan lives in a condition of permanent war. The struggling country is a very inconvenient neighbor, and during the last decade bordering with Afghanistan states were trying in different ways to solve the problem, one has been middling in internal affairs of Afghanistan, while others did not interfere by any ways. Turkmenistan went by the third way: it tried to render feasible assistance to the population exhausted by the war, aspiring at the same time to adjust the inter-Afghani dialogue. And as the tool of influence Ashkhabad has selected unique means - involvement of Afghanistan in various mutually beneficial cooperation, fairly believing, that if "policy is a concentrated expression of economy" it is necessary to begin normal political dialogue with adjustment of economy.

Why did the Turkmen leader chosen such way? There are several reasons, but there are two main. The matter is that in the north of Afghanistan ethnic Turkmens live, who can not leave fellow tribesmen in a trouble for that the is not typical for Turkmens. Even during the hardest periods for Turkmenistan it was delivering flour, medicines, electricity via its borders to Afghanistan. Another factor is that Turkmenistan since the first days of its independence has proclaimed a neutral foreign policy, strictly followed it. Such a policy was proved from Turkmenistan's attitude towards the Afghan question. The third factor was the knowledge and understanding of independent character of people -neighbor for many centuries. Today it is difficult to list everything done for ten years of the Turkmen-Afghani interaction sometimes in a rather uneasy situations.

However, never any conflict was register along the common borders. There were attempts "to convict" Turkmen administration in carrying out all its peace-making activity with the purpose to lay a gas main through Afghanistan. Ashkhabad has never hide it, with one amendment - the goal is not the only one and is far from being selfish, it brings benefits to all sides participating in the project - the direct currency profits, new workplaces, solution of local social problems ... Is there something negative and should one be ashamed? It is pragmatism that is not against human interests and does not contradict human values.

The latest events showed respects displayed by the heads of Afghanistan and Pakistan regarding the position of their Turkmen colleague. The agreement signed recently in Islamabad launched implementation of the project, which should become one of corner stones of stabilization of situation in Afghanistan, its economic revival, returning to the civilized world.

The laying of a gas main could open wider perspectives - simultaneous construction of railway, an automobile highway, powerful electric main. Saparmurat Niyazov put forward the initiative about political co-sponsorship of the United Nations in the project, taking into consideration its huge political and humanitarian value for all region.

Afghanistan, in spite of on anything, has reserved the right to choose its own way for development. On June 10, the Nnational Assembly - Loyla Jirga will start its session in Kabul. During the session the leaders, authoritative representatives of clergy, the elder of Afghanistan will choose the head of the state.

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Mikhail Shalayev

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