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Donetsk region intends to sign cooperation agreement with Turkmenistan
At a press conference in Donetsk chairman of Donetsk regional administration Vadim Chuprun said his region intends to sign a cooperation agreement with Turkmenistan.

"Without prejudice to the bilateral cooperation between our states, we are drafting the appropriate proposal as well as the programme of relations and cooperation between Turkmenistan and the region. It may take a form of interregional cooperation or even a form of direct cooperation between Donbass and Turkmenistan as a whole," Vadim Chuprun said. He also said that he was in the Ukrainian delegation that visited Turkmenistan last week. "I talked to President Saparmurat Atayevich Niyazov. He is ready to cooperate with Donbass," said the governor of the region.

The chairman of the Donetsk administration also said that preparations for "our President's visit to Turkmenistan are under way. It will be the official visit. It will take place in the near future. This visit will be a landmark event in relations between our states."

Center of social prospects of Donbass, "OSTROV", 22.02.2005

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