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As the Turkmen state news agency (TSNA) reports, the best military hardware that the National Army has obtained over the years of independence was engaged in the large-scale military exercises on the occasion of the cheerful holiday - Victory Day. Heads and attaches of diplomatic missions accredited to Ashgabat as well as the leadership of Turkmenistan, representatives of numerous mass media, including foreign press, were present on the firing ground at the invitation of President of state Saparmurat Niyazov.

According to the scenario of exercises a group of armed terrorists violated the state border and entered the territory of Turkmenistan with the intention to seize large oil and chemical facilities of the republic and, threatening to destroy them, put forward their demands. The group of terrorists, according to reconnaissance, accounted for 3,5 thousand men, possessed 4 combat helicopters, 80 armored personnel carriers, 60 armored cars, 40 mortars and non-back-blow guns as well as 20 Stinger-type movable antiaircraft machines. Terrorists seized all these equipment and armament as a result of a failed coup in a certain state of Blue Colored. Also, according to the scenario, about a half of the terrorists contingent had experience in conducting guerilla war in a mountain-desert landscape, plotting and committing acts of terror.

In order to counter the formations of state border violators the National Army of Turkmenistan engaged 28 motor-rifle units tasked with arriving in the region of combat assignment with a view of preventing enemy's penetration into the territory, blocking it and, in case of refusing to lay down arms, destroying it.

Troops of the state border guard service, alerted to the situation, engage in fighting. Paratroopers land in the enemy's rear and together with motor mobile groups of border guards arrange a pursuit, covering the retreat paths and blocking areas of massing of the enemy forces in the rear. Two Su-25 fighter aircrafts conduct reconnaissance and drop bombs. A group of fighter aircrafts comes out forcing terrorists out to the open space. Uragan and Grad missile systems are used to drive the enemy out of a rift.

A conditional situation is created according to which terrorists seize a plane. In response Turkmen troops use Strela-2m antiaircraft complex. A star shell serves as a target for rockets. Shturm S on-duty anti-tank hardware fire at shellproof fortifications of the enemy from the distance.

The enemy was forced out of a rift. In order not to disclose a system of fire of the defending units, tanks and artillery fire from the main positions, liquidating manpower and hardware of the enemy and forcing him to move in a direction of defenders' choosing.

Tanks and S-60 antiaircraft guns engage several minutes later, firing at shellproof fortifications. Staff and attached artillery, firing pointedly at separate targets, frustrate the enemy setting good conditions for liquidating the enemy's shellproof fortifications with tank fire. Shilka mobile artillery complexes fire at the enemy's helicopters.

On terrorists' approaching the forefront of defence, a zone of sheeted multilayer fire is prepared where the enemy is attacked by all available means. It forces the enemy to halt and stand on the defensive. Before setting on the attack the level of firing reaches culmination. A mine-clearing device of prolonged charge - 83 operates on both sides with which a passage in the mine entanglement is made. Motor-rifle units assumed the offensive. At the same time, artillery provides fire support, liquidating manpower and hardware deep in the lines of defence of terrorists.

Using terrains of landscape, a group of up to 50 men breaks through the array of motor-rifle units. Two MI-24 on-duty combat helicopters and transport-combat helicopters of the state border guard service are called in that inflict a defeat on the enemy with its fire, land paratroopers, block a territory and fight until a reserve company arrives. The enemy mines the entry into a rift in an attempt to shelter in mountains. Then a squad of sappers comes forward, making a passage in the mining field. A motor-rifle battalion enters a rift where it strikes a final, smashing blow that destroyed to nothing the enemy's forces.

The exercises finish at this point - the aim is achieved.

According to the TSNA every participant of the exercises demonstrated absolute mastership and high skills of combat art, receiving high estimation of the head of state.


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