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It has been exactly a year that such horrible notions as terror act, assassination attempt, plot and treason burst in our lives, having echoed deep in our hearts.

Terrorism presents itself through brutality, barbarity and ferocious acts in an attempt to plunge humanity into a gulf of fear, unfaithfulness, lawlessness, despair... It has become more fastidious but there have always remained avidity, animosity, envy, hate and love of gain in its core.

A society that cherishes contemporary achievements, makes progress and strives to make life better must be able to defend itself. Today, right a year after the attempt of a batch of derelicts to forcefully change the constitutional system of Turkmenistan, we go back in our thoughts to the events of the 25th of Sanjar (November - here and after, ref. of Turkmenistan.ru) and again draw out lessons from it. The lessons of these events should help us not to allow the repetition of a terrible villainy and do everything possible to make sure that nothing could hinder peaceful and progressive development in the.

How could it happen that black intentions had ripened in dark souls? Their fall began long before we heard shots at Turkmenbashi shayely (avenue). Each of the derelicts, apparently, followed his own path, stairs that led them down. We can underline, along with this, some common features that enabled leaders of a criminal band to get together.

Each of them, entrusted with powers and enjoying confidence of Saparmurat Nurkmenbashi that time, got into dependence of their basic instincts. It is worth recalling that Shikhmuradov, Khanamov and Orazov, while holding high state positions, did not have a care for well being of the people and consolidation of the state. Each of them tried to benefit from their state posts, first of all, for their own good and the good of their relatives. Using their state posts they embezzled state funds, transferring millions of dollars to their foreign bank accounts, clandestinely embezzling and selling to foreigners the people's property. In fact, in 1994, Shikhmuradov put across a racket, having sold illegally and in secret several modern military jets, big batch of weapons and ammunition and embezzled tens of millions of the US dollars. Kh.Orazov, in his post of the Central Bank chief, designed and carried out a complicated criminal combination with currency reserves of Turkmenistan, stealing and misappropriating $72 mln. The former chairman of the state committee on logistics, N.Khanamov, had committed crimes involving embezzlement of $8,5 mln.

But everything has the end. Law enforcement agencies turned their eye on manipulations of thieves and, afraid of equitable retribution for their misdeeds, these personalities managed to slip abroad at different intervals. But they did not calm down there. They packed like hungry wolfs plotting a coup, a change in the existing constitutional system.

The plan of actions was completed, as a whole, by early 2002, and the criminals began its implementation. The trio started forming a band, luring someone with money and another one with promises of high state posts. In secret and using false documents, hired in different countries, various criminals were dispatched to Turkmenistan, weapons and outfits were carried in the hides of vehicles.

...The morning of Sannjar (November) the 25th did not herald anything bad. The country woke up to live one more peaceful day, thousands of Turkmen citizens were harrying to work, and a motorcade of President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov was on its regular route. And the criminals were ready to strike their guileful, traitorous blow. A heavy Kamaz lorry was about to block the road. Mercenaries were about to shoot at the presidential cortege. Standing near the Mejlis, the leaders of terror act, who had already distributed the seats in the "new government" among themselves, were rubbing their hands in expectation of a fast and easy victory...

However, as is known, the plotters could not accomplish their black design and escaped. Almost all of the participants of the conspiracy were caught later on and brought to justice. At Saparmurat Turkmenbashi's initiative a trial was open for the whole world to hear the words of late repentance of the parricides, to see these poor and pitiful people denouncing each other, stripping themselves of their disguise of people's defenders and demonstrating their odious and repulsive nature.

This is just short summary of the multivolume criminal case, an investigation that officers of the law enforcement agencies of Turkmenistan conducted in full accordance with the legislature and practices of the country, the norms of international law.

While designing their dirty plans, the traitors and parricides did not take into account one thing: their design was doomed to fail. The Turkmen people have become stronger and united over the years of independence. For the first time in their ancient history Turkmen had a chance to make the dreams of their great ancestors come true - to build their own state and live in peace there. The genius of Saparmurat Turkmenbashi, who made his best to unite Turkmen, gave the Turkmen people this chance to revive high moral values of the nation since the first days of independence. Thanks to a well-thought and oriented policy of Serdar (leader) the state has become stronger and the people's well being has grown further. All countries in the world recognized the peace-loving policy of neutral Turkmenistan, and good and mutually beneficial relations with other states ensured peaceful existence of the Turkmen people, enabled them to achieve unseen successes in the economy. The shots of the terrorists in the end have resulted in what they did not expect to see: Turkmen have had greater realization of their achievements over the years of independence and closed ranks more strongly around their great leader.

We perfectly well remember what happened right after the coup attempt. A wave of meetings and gatherings in support of the policy of President Saparmurat Turkmenbashi had risen across the country. All Turkmen, to a man, had angrily branded the parricides.

It was that time that the Turkmen leader undertook brave and decisive steps in the wake of people's civil consciousness's rise to strengthen the state's foundation, improve its legislature basis to prevent any violation of the state's integrity and the nation's unity.

On Bitaraplyk 30 (December), 2002, the Khalk Maslakhaty (People's Council) set up a special commission to deal with preparation of the draft law to solidify the basis of the Turkmen state and ensure inviolability of the state system. The Khalk Maslakhaty had been given more powers by the people's representatives at the historic joint session of XIV state council of elders of Turkmenistan, the Khalk Maslakhaty and the nationwide movement, Galkynysh, in Alp Arslan (August) this year turning it into the highest representative body of the people's authority in Turkmenistan. The amendments were made to the Constitution of Turkmenistan and the state legislature aimed at strengthening the state system and ensuring its integrity.

The Turkmen people have been able to come through the terrible trials with dignity. At present Turkmenistan once again confirms its aversion to any form of violence. Our country speaks in favour of protecting peace and security on the entire planet, condemning terrorism, and racial, religious and political extremism.

In his outstanding work "Three types of woes threatening the Motherland" the great leader warns one more time: perversity, high egotism, disputes and disunity can destroy our country from within and reduce to zero all the achievements.

"I adjure: don't give in,
Don't trust your enemies!
The truth has passed the paths of our ancestors -
We should seek it there!"

The great and wise book of Rukhnama has led us through the Turkmen history bestowing on us a light of truth, pride and strive to match our great ancestors. Ogus Khan's words of severance he said hundreds of years ago today sound with a renewed power. The sacred Rukhnama reads: "We stick to order today that was set up hundreds of centuries back by a man whose centuries old wise was bestowed on us in the form of divine gift, shedding a light on our path and enlightening our world order with the force of victorious truth and inviolable goodness and fearless truthfulness".

The Turkmen history has many names of talented people. Today successors of those people build their own, exclusive, unrepeatable, independent neutral state. Those who chose a path of terror may not like it. Black intention, black envy, wrong deeds have been and remain destiny of losers. We choose bright colors. We build a "golden century", a white marble capital. We love sparkling and clean fountains. We grow golden wheat and white cotton. Faces of our children have clear and cheerful smiles.

The wise book, sacred Rukhnama, taught us many things. In his closing remarks of the book our leader wrote: "If today, in our happy time and settled life, God save us, a natural disaster or, even worth, an unexpected trouble created by evil minded people appears, then all Turkmen chiefs should close ranks around the head of state and support him. Be united in bad and happy days, in the days of festivities and grief! Remember if the people live in harmony and unity no force will defeat it, no whirlwind of times will get it into its swirl".

The state news agency, "Turkmenkhabarlary", 24.11.03

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