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Bargains on foreign currency became more active on Turkmens commodity-stock exchange
Activity of the foreign businessmen increased much laast week when they reached at the tenders of the State commodity -stock exchange of Turkmenistan bargains for hard currency. In particular, businessmen from Afghanistan, Germany, Panama, Singapore, Kazakhstans and USA have bought diesel fuel L-05-62 (manufacture of Seydinsk Oil processing plant), businessmen from Turkey - air diesel L-02-62 and diesel fuel L-02-62 (manufactured on Turkmenbashi oil processing complex), and businessmen from the Great Britain - lighting Kerosine.
Buyers from USA have got technical iodine "А" and technical carbon K - 354, and representatives of the Russian business - karakul washed wool. The total sum of bargains has made 46 million 700 thousand US dollars.
For national currency exceeding 8 billion 230 million manats, businessmen from Turkey, India and USA have got a cotton fabric, knitted products and female trousers.
Domestic businessmen have bought waste textile products for above 1,4 billion manats. As a whole for the last week 24 bargains were registered on the exchange, correspondent of Turkmenistan. Ru informs from Ashkhaabd.

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