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Niyazov wents not only to summit...
President of Turkmenistan will meet with his youth in St. Petersburg

The jubilee celebrations in St Petersburg will have working character as well, for the summit of CIS and EU-Russia forum, as well as many bilateral meeting of the heads of states and governments will be held during these events.
It is noteworthy that for some of politicians who arrived to the cultural capital of Russia it is not only a regular foreign visit and negotiations but also something more. For example for the Turkmen leader Saparmurat Niyazov it is a meeting with his youth, for he spend all his student years in St. Petersburg.

The incumbent head of Turkmenistan successfully finished Leningrad's Polytechnic institute, today, it is St.Petersburg polytechnic University. When we called to the presidential administration of Turkmenistan and asked whether the president plans to visit the University they said that if the official schedule of the visit allow him to do that.

Since eight years Niyazov was completely alone (his father was lost on the war, and mother and two brothers - during destructive Ashkhabad's earthquakes of 1948). "For the period of summer vacations many my classmates used to part their homes, - the president writes in his book Rukhnama. I did not leave Leningrad for two years and felt so loneliness... I have no place to go, and I again find myself in library. Niyazov also highly estimates professional level of professors of the University.

By his 27 he was working on Bezmewinsk power plant, was heading the trade-union and then by 40 he was mayor of Ashkhabad and in five years he became the first person in the state.

Hard years have gone for Turkmenistan after collapse of USSR, being the most backward in the social and economic development; it literally built out itself from ruins establishing new statehood. Observers estimate as ambiguously this period and highly evaluates the role of president in this process.

Turkmenbashi managed to lead his country through heavy transition period from socialism to capitalism with the minimal losses. In the beginning of the 90th when all territory of CIS was shaken with conflicts and crises, Turkmenistan remained the only island of stability and relative well being.

St. Petersburg Vedomosti

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Ivan Alexandrov

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