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Neutral Turkmenistan published letter by Leonid Komarovsky to Saparmurat Niyazov
Your Excellency,
Dear President Saparmurat Turkmenbashi the Great!

I can't even express my gratitude for Your great favour expressed in the decision to release me from custody and hand me over to authorities of USA. It is the huge favour granted by You overflows my heart with happiness, pleasure and gratitude to You. In spite of the fact that I am really guilty and was among participants of that terrible crime, You have found an opportunity to show peculiar to you, as the great statesman, favour to me giving me an opportunity to be on freedom and join my family.

Now, when I am on freedom and is free to move without restrictions nobody will tell that I speak under pressure. After fice months passed from that wild and senseless crime in a history of Turkmenistan - act of terrorism on legitimate President and loved by the Turkmen people Serdar (the leader - note by Turkmenistan.ru) I realized senseless and disgusting plans of conspirators. They attempted not only on Your life but on contitutional rights of independent and neutral Turkmenistan. I am more than happy that they failed and You continue leading your nation to the prosperity and progress.

Much have changed in my vision after the act of terrorism and after reading Your philosophical work Rukhnama. Thanks to this book I have seen a great and ancient history of Turkmen people, its beautiful soul. Your great work became textbook of life to me and guideline for love to the Homeland. With publication of Rukhnama on into all basic languages of mankind millions of people all over the world wil share this very viewpoint. I am one of those who names you the Teacher.

I never was enemy to Turkmen people and now having tried to grasp in your philosophical ideas and the ideas ingeniously stated in Rukhnama I have deeply recognized the Turkmen nation and I shall keep this love up to the end of the life. Also up to the end of life I shall keep great gratitude to You for Your exclusive favour allowing me to come back home in USA - to children and the grandson.

For past months I had an idea to write a book about Turkmenistan. I feel necessity to tell the world the truth about horrifying crime - act of terrorism on November 25, 2002, which involuntary witness I became. And still I dream to write the book about Turkmenistan of the Golden Age, the one which has opened to me after reading Rukhnama. It will be a honest and frank book. There will be my love to Turkmen people, and of course inescapable gratitude to You, Serdar. It is all I shall try to tell to the readers both in USA, and in Russia, and all over the world.While leaving Turkmenistan I hope to return here with these books and with my kind feelings.

Accept once again my inescapable gratitude and fidelity. Also let to wish You health and long years of life for prosperity of your people and your remarkable country. With deep respect

Leonid Komarovsky

Neutral Turkmenistan daily

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