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Sea triangle
Russia, Iran and Turkmenistan want to develop Caspian shelf jointly

Russia, Iran and Turkmenistan negotiate for creation of a consortium on investigation and development of three oil-bearing blocks on former Soviet-Iranian border, general director of Zarubejneft Nikolay Tokarev has told in an interview to Reuter. Currently, the potential of the Caspian energy resources of Iran and Turkmenistan is used not fully. The countries located round of rich oil and biological resources of the Caspian sea can not agree for already several years upon principles of sharing of the sea that much complicates development of its resources.

Participation of Iran in a consortium can become the catalyst of achievement of full-scale five-sided compromise about the status of the Caspian sea. "Russian, Turkmen and Iranian companies will enter consortium. It becomes precedent, which will allow to solve issues of the further participation of Iran in such projects", Tokarev told.

Today Russia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan act from common positions, based on the agreement reached in 2002 on delimitation of the Caspian sea on a median line. Iran wants to receive 20% of sea territories, having the shortest coastal line. Turkmenistan is waiting.

From the Russian side joint venture Zar IT founded by the state Zarubejneft will participate in a consortium (26%), Rosneft (37%) and Itera company (37%). ZarIT received licenses for three blocs adjoining to the Turkmen territory and limited by former Soviet-Iranian border. According to Tokarev, negotiations on creation of a consortium with participation of Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zangene and heads of one of oil companies of Iran which Tokarev refused to name, having referred to confidentiality." Itera will lead negotiations on behalf of Turkmenistan.

After negotiations the sides can sign contracts on development of deposits," Tokarev said.Moreover, Zarubejneft negotiates with Kazakhstan for development of several sites on the border of this republic and Astrakhan region of the Russian Federation. "Together with Kazakh partners we shall create joint venture to participate in tenders," Tokarev informed.


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