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Transmission line for Afghanistan
It will be built in Afghanistan by Turkmenistan Afghanistan made an order to the Turkmen energy workers for construction of 118 km transmission lines in Serkhetabad (former Kuksha) - Great and restoration of transmission lines in Kabul.

Ashkhabad's correspondent in Itar-Tass Anna Kurbanova reports that the issues on preparation of feasibility study of the project and ways of financing was forwarded by the visiting Ashkhabad Afghan Minister for Energy and water resources Shaker Kargar. The bilateral intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in construction of energy sites in Afghanistan were signed March 7 of 2002 during the first visit of Afghanistan Hamid Karzay to Ashkhabad. Officials from the Turkmen Ministry for Energy and Industry report that Turkmen energy workers are obliged to built a 70 km energy transmission lines Andkhoy - Shibirgan - Mazari Sharif and Serkhetabat - Gerat.

The first project is in the process of implementation, the Turkmen ministry says. 70 km transmission line Andkhoy - Shibirgan has already built and will be continued to Mazari-Sharif. While expressing satisfaction over the implementation of this project, Kargan meanwhile told that his state is much interested in "speeding up the works on construction of lines to Great.

"The Energy Minister informed the Turkmen side about the negotiations with the representatives of the Asian Bank for Development, which expressed readiness to examine the feasibility study and of Serkhetabad - Great project. The sides agreed that the negotiation process regarding this project will be continued in Afghanistan in August.

Afghanistan is also interested in participation of Turkmen energy workers in restoration of energy transmission lines located in Kabul, Mohammat Shaker Kargar said during the negotiations. This direction will be discussed in September within the framework of Turkmen-Afghan negotiations planned in Kabul. These talks will be focused on laying of Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India gas main.


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Anna Kurbanova

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