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The Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan issued a press release stating that the country's power generating facilities have expanded significantly since Turkmenistan gained independence. One of the priorities of the republic's energy sector, along with meeting growing needs of Turkmenistan's economy sectors in energy supplies and providing its population with free electricity, is stable export of electricity. Increasing electricity exports and diversifying sales markets, without setting up energy unions and alliances, which helps carry out an independent export strategy, lies in the base of the energy policy of Turkmenistan. In fact, Turkmenistan supplies electricity to Iran and Afghanistan as well as Turkey purely on a commercial basis.

Under a program of development of power generating facilities Turkmenistan has every possibility to become a major supplier of electricity in the region in the near future. A number of projects on construction of new and reconstruction of existing power generating facilities using technologies and equipment of General Electric (USA), a world leader in this field, are being implemented to achieve this task. The ministry of power engineering and industry of Turkmenistan has a long-term agreement with General Electric on increasing power generation in Turkmenistan. It provides for construction of new, reconstruction and modernization of existing grids. The country's power stations capacity has risen two times over the years of independence of Turkmenistan. The launch of the second gas turbine unit at the Abadan power station and three gas turbine units at the Balkanabat power station, which ensures electricity exports to Islamic republic of Iran, became the result of this fruitful cooperation.

Electricity supplies to Iran are carried out through the 220 kW power transmission line Balkanabat (Turkmenistan) - Gonbat (Iran), built specifically for this purpose. A project on electricity supplies towards Serakhs (Turkmenistan) - Mashad (Iran) will be completed soon. There is also plan to implement a project on the construction of a 400 kW power transmission line towards Mary (Turkmenistan) - Mashad (Iran) in the future. After implementation of the above-mentioned projects, a total amount of annual electricity supplies from Turkmenistan to Iran will equal about 2,5 bln kWh. Under a three-year accord between energy authorities of Turkmenistan, Iran and Turkey supplies and transit of electricity to Turkey began in December 2003.

The signing of one more trilateral accord between Turkmenistan's state power corporation KUWWAT, Turkish TEYASH and Iranian TAVANIR companies on April 9 serves as a proof of the sides' real interests in expanding and strengthening the mutually beneficial cooperation in the energy field. They agreed to double the transit of electricity from Turkmenistan to Turkey through the energy system of Iran.

Annual supplies of Turkmen electricity to neighboring Afghanistan are also growing. They are ensured by the 220 kW power transmission lines Imamnazar (Turkmenistan) - Andkhoy (Afghanistan) - Shibirgan (Afghanistan) and Serkhetabat (Turkmenistan) - Turgundi (Afghanistan). A 220 kW power transmission line from Serkhetabat (Turkmenistan) to Herat (Afghanistan) will be commissioned soon.

A multi-vector system of export routes of Turkmen electricity meets both the interests of Turkmenistan and partner states. The strategy of independent export supplies is an important factor of the expansion of regional cooperation, achievement and strengthening of global economic and social progress.

(Press release of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan)

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