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When roads cause no problems
Turkmen highways meet international standards

Everyone, who recently has visited Turkmenistan, undoubtedly, has noted the quality of local roads. Really, highways laid here for years of independence are pride Turkmenistan and today's highways also meet world standards. There is no need to say that road construction in republic is under direct supervision of the Turkmen president Saparmurat Nijazov. As a matter of fact the head of the state became the initiator and the inspirer of present road construction boom in Turkmenistan. An integrated approach to the question of road construction impresses much first of all. On the first place, certainly, strict observance of the technological norms, upgrading highways to world quality. There were cases when the government forced the contractors to repair whole parts of already constructed roads for commissions revealed problems.According to the Turkmen leader net of highways, which will connect capital of Turkmenistan with all regions of republic in the near future should be created. Today, subdivisions of State concern "Turkmneavtoellari" (Turkmen highways) and foreign contractors reconstruct Ashkhabad-Turkmenbashi (585 kms) road, lay new highway Ashkhabads-Karakumy-Dashoguz (530 kms) through desert, build a high-speed highway Ashkhabad-Mary-Turkmenabat (former Charjou) (600 kms). All highways meet the parameters of the first technical category: six-lines road with dividing strips. Transkarakum highway is laid by Turkmen sources. Now 15 kilometers of the road is asphalted and bridge in the suburbs of capital is constructed. Similar works are carried out on northern site as well. Geoktepe-Bakharden highway being carried out by Iranian Dobral Ko. will be put into exploitation. Local workers will be busy on the other parts of Ashkhabad-Turkmenbashi highway. Works on 102 kilometer piece of road from Mari to the capital - Ashkhabad-Mari-Turkmenabat are at full speed. Foreign companies will be involved in construction of this road. In Lebap 73-kilometer highway Atamurat-Imamnazar, which will connect frontier areas of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan are laid.This year dozens of machines of such world famous manufacturers as Katerpillar, Komatsu, MAZ, KamAZ are delivered to Turkmenistan. The industry of modern road construction created in Turkmenistan, attraction of the foreign companies testify to gravity of intentions of the government, aspiring to cover a map of the country with a network appropriate to requirements of time and motorways. Meanwhile, several years ago it was difficult to find even a pair of kilometers of roads of the international level.

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By Igor Solovyev

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