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Not only to pipe...
Turkmenistan found reserves for production of liquefied gas

Production of liquefied gas has resently become one of priority directions in development of fuel and energy complex of Turkmenistan. Statistics ecidences of appreciable growth of demand for this production. So, if in 2001 production of liquefied gas has made 111,2 thousand tons in 2002 this volume has grown up to 196 thousand tons.

Today liquefied gas is produced in Turkmenistan on three factories. First installation for production of liquefied gas was put into operation on Nayip gas station in June of 1998. Delivery of the equipment, assembling, starting-up and adjustment works are executed by the Italian Technofirigo Del Orto Spa and Turkmenneftegazstroy State concern.
Nаipsk group of deposits is not casually chosen for construction of the second factory for production of liquefied gas. Stocks of deposits of this group (Nаip, Northern Naip, Southern Naip, Bovredishek, Kirpichli, Northern Balkui, Balkui, Gaslidepe, etc.) allow, as experts say, to stably receive raw material for operation of the factories.Presently construction of new facilities for producing liquified gas at the capacity of 9 million cubic meters daily and 65,000 tons of condenced gas annually is completely and put into operation.

New facilities were put into operation along with the Canadian Thermo Design engineering company. The cost of the project was carried out due to sources of Turkmengas state concern.
Another installation for production of liquified gas is located in Turkmenbashi city. Its capacity is 10,000 tons annaully. Moreover, production of liquified gas on Turkmenbashi oil processing plant has started (the capacity of the facility is 220,000 tons annaully, however, the project capacity will grow to 345,000 tons.)In fact all gas produced at these plants and facilities goes for export and for local demands of Turkmenistan. Thus, gas export figures grow significantly in Turkmensitan. It is exported to Iran and Afganistan mainly.
Turkmenistan intends to open more 20 such complexes for production of liquified gas.

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