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Oil from depth
Turkmenistan counts on modern technologies

Alas, those times have passed when oil in Turkmenistan went by its own as water. For last decades pressure of terrestrial layers has hopelessly lagged behind in race with pressure of a market demand. Thus for getting this precious raw material which is one of the main factors for progress one must go deep to the ground. But what geophysical, tectonic, physical and chemical processes proceed in depth?

How they influence on oil processing and gas development? Scientists tirelessly search and find answers to these questions, as a result of which new technologies appear which allow not only to support but to increase existing volumes of extraction oil and gas. Today, in the market of petroleum and gas wins the one who has time to master before others these innovations, putting them into practice.

Having gained independence, Turkmenistan starting from the first days began one of regional leaders in extraction and processing hydrocarbons. Huge underground reserves of the country put the state in a very special position. But theoretical presence of reserves is not enough - it is not a final product due for sell. Moreover, equipment of an oil-and-gas complex inherited from former system was worn out enough and soon become useless. There were two ways out of the situation: either to buy expensive spare parts from former suppliers, or to change entire system basically, that was even more expensive. Turkmenistan has chosen the second way.

And now when extraction of hydrocarbons grows sharply in the country it is obvious that it was a correct decision. Today, oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan faces major tasks: to finish oil recovery up to 48 million tons by the year 2010, gas - up to 120 billion cubic meters.

These data are based on the results of geological prospecting and on the conclusions of experts of the most eminent companies. Optimistic forecasts on presence of huge reserves of hydrocarbons in the country prove to be true. Nevertheless, recently decision on purchase of up-to-date research geophysical equipment and equipment for increasing reliability of the data on stocks of oil and gas is signed.

In parallel, new technologies of drilling, extraction and oil refining and gas are being set constantly. One of novelty is applying of the system of separate operation of two and more horizons in one well. The used scheme "petroleum horizon - gas horizon" allows using the same well for the summer period - for an oil recovery, and in winter - for extraction of gas, the period of peak of growth of export needs.

Many new technologies allow rehabilitating old wells, which were considered hopelessly "exhausted".In 2002 the second well of Gogereng deposit was rehabilitated. As a result of major overhaul of 50 wells on Kirpichli deposit additional volumes of gas extraction have made about 0,5 billion cubic meters of gas and about 10 thousand tons gas condensate.

Experts think that by the year 2005 about half of all petroleum and gas in Туркмении will be extracted from deep-lying horizons. 5 drilling installations of the Chinese manufacture, which allow drilling of well deep to 6 - 7 thousand meters, were purchased. They are already successfully tested on smaller depths. First well at depth of 3829 meters was drilled during research of deposits Nebitlije, Shatut and Gerchek in west of Turkmenistan, where two oil layers are discovered.

Thanks to superdeep drilling installation of Bentec German company a 4700 meters depth well was drilled on East Cheleken deposit. Now drilling the first well with designed depth of 6500 meters is conducted here. Despite of significant investments introduction of new technologies considerably allow raising the level of extraction of hydrocarbons, and thus the economic feedback of branch as a whole.

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By Mukhammed Shalliyev

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