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TransAfghan route
Heads of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan agreed

Independent observers named tripartite meeting of the heads of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan as a certain steps to the beginning of practical implementation of huge project on construction of gas main linking theses three states.

Discussion of this project has started yet last spring in Islamabad, where the heads of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan met, was welcomed by most of experts while some of them sees serious difficulties in implementing of this project, drawing attention on unstable situation in some of regions where the main will be passing. However, the Turkmen leader who initiated the project considers that the construction of gas main, which can bring to South Asia not only ecologically pure fuel, but additional jobs, annual transit inflows, will become a factor of stability and peace.

Moreover, it will stimulate laying of oil pipe, railway and highway on the route of the gas main, that in its turn will stimulate trade between states of the region and thus to improve well-being of the population. The agreement signed in Ashkhabad by the heads of three states provides new grounds for creation of legal bases and a Consortium, which will be responsible for creation of pipeline and its management. The document fixes the principles of transport tariffs and duties, providing lands for construction of the pipe and norms of technical standards of the project. It as well regulates financial, technical, organizational and institutional aspects of implementation of the project.

This agreement forms a platform for joint activity of three states aimed at preparation of final version of feasibility study of the projects, monitoring of markets as well as technical audit of Dovletabat field, which is considered as the main source of gas. Implementation of Ashkhabad's agreement foresees creation of huge contract base including Agreement on gas trade.

Another aspect of the agreement is that the sides reached accord on providing Consortium an exclusive rights for transportation of Turkmen natural gas, foreseen for Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.


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