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Made in Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan expanding list of export production For years of independence Turkmenistan started producing goods, which are not specific for this country. For example, jeans. Now many shops of Ashkhabad sell Turkmenistan manufactured jeans, and, based on curves of well known firms, as it is reflected in such labels like Lewi's, Wrangler, Boss" and most of them are of good quality and with comparatively law prices.

Another article of Turkmen export is liquid gas. Many decades Turkmen gas was pumped out to unknown direction, bringing huge profits, which were reaching Turkmenistan in a scanty amount. After gaining independence a new problem came forward - export routes, when all former "friendly" countries have actually strangled way of Turkmen gas to the international markets imposing unreasonably high transit duties.

A new solution to the problem was generated then: producing liquid gas which is in huge demand abroad, transportation of which does not need either pipelines, or the international consortia, which can be exported by any transport. Now some factories, constructed in Turkmenistan, produce liquid gas of which, according to statistics, more than 90% is exported? Another new product, which is of good demand, is lubricant oil. Earlier there were some problems with organizing production of lubricant oil from local petroleum. These problems were solved thanks to the European specialists. The technology of German firm Edeleanu Geser Shaft MBH due to which it become possible to adjust lubricants.

The factory with capacity of 80,000 tons of production per one year is constructed by Tecnip company, with participation of Israeli company Merkhav on the bases of Turkmenbashi complex of oil refining enterprises. Different kinds of oil are being produced. It should be added that nowadays in Turkmenistan before manufacturing starts oil passed rigid qualification tests and certificates of conformity to the international standards are received.


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