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Energy expansion by Turkmenistan
Ashkhabad is looking for new ways to world markets for its "invisible product"

Turkmenistan - is a state with surplus of energy, it completely supplies the country with electric power, but he as well can direct most part of its gas to export. Meanwhile, huge resources of gas allow the state to generate electric power using the most harmless and economic method. According to the State Service for Statistics and Information annual generation of electric power reached 10.5 billion Kwatt/hour last year, and 8.6 billion over 10 months of the current year.

Two main City Power Stations of the state - Mariysk and Abadansk (former Bezmeinsk), the both are currently under reconstruction and modernization, are being equipped with more powerful and productive gas pipes. Thanks to undertaken measures the energy potential of the state is growing permanently. Experts stress that in case of exploitation of existing capacity generation of electric power will increase for more 6-7 billion Kwatt/hour. At the same time along with growing production level Turkmenistan is looking for new ways of transportation of gas to abroad. Iran and Turkey in the future are considered here as main export directions. As the first stage of export of electric power to these states Balkanabad - Ali-Abad Turkmen-Iranian energy bridge was built. Later it will go to Armenia and Turkey. Preliminary negotiations about these projects have already been carried out.

From Mari Power plant electric power is exported to Tajikistan and Afghanistan. This year Tajikistan addressed to Turkmenistan with request to launch transportation via Uzbekistan for providing operation of Tajik aluminum plant during months (Autumn and Spring) when electric power generation in Tajikistan (generated at the Hydro plants) decreases because of natural reasons. According to agreement, over this period 1.2 billion kwatt/hour will be sold for 1.2 cents. The total cost of the contract is estimated at 14.4 million USD. Part of this sum will be spent in currency, and part - by deliveries of aluminum production. Northern provinces of Afghanistan as traditional consumers of Turkmen energy.

Still, delivery of electric power to Afghanistan, which is destroyed by war, is of course humanitarian action, however, in perspective this market may become a rather profitable one. At Turkmen-Afghan negotiations held in March 2002, agreements were reached, which foresees reconstruction of existing and construction of new electricity lines.

During November 28 phone conversation between president of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov and Chairman of interim government of Afghanistan Khamid Karzay the leaders of the both states agreed that after signing of trilateral agreement on construction of Transafghan gas main on December 26-27, the leaders will leave for Afghanistan where they will take part in the ceremony of launching construction of electric power lines to Great.

Thus, Turkmenistan is taking its leading place as a producer and exporter of electricity.

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By Muhammed Shalpiyev

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