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All tasks important for agriculture
Notes on results of economic development of Turkmenistan for the first half-year

Analytical reviews of the National institute for statistics and information prove that economy of Turkmenistan develops steadily and dynamically. However, the circumstance that it concerns absolutely all sectors of economy, attracts attention. This year the nature itself backed Turkmenistan. Rainy spring has given out such flowering, such herbage that it was possible to make an one-and-a-half-year stock of forages. The number of cattle has increased by 187,8 thousand heads, sheep and goat - almost for 2,5 million, the livestock of camels and horses has considerably grown. Thus from 60% (horses) up to 93% (poultry) are in private sector of economy. Accordingly, the amount of cattle-breeding production delivered to the market has increased also: for the first half-year production of meat has increased for 15%, milk – for 18%, eggs – for 21%. As a result, for example, import of meat has decreased almost twice, that has allowed to save almost 18 million dollars.

These figures speak about a real improvement of well-being of the population. It can be asserted that the food prices in Turkmenistan not only do not grow, but even decreased slightly: three more months back the market price for one kilogram of fresh meat was 30,000 manats, and today – 27,000. In the middle of summer prices for vegetables and fruits went down. The volume of vegetable production for the first half-year has increased for 10%, melons and gourds – for 15%, fruits and berries – 27%.

However, Turkmenmillikhasabat informs that a huge project is being prepared presently that would result in real reforms in the agriculture sphere of Turkmenistan. The matter is in construction of Turkmen lake in Karakum. In the future, the lake will be used for irrigating huge areas of fertile grounds to inhale in them new life. Works on laying collectors, reconstruction, expansion and increase of capacity of channels and water basins are under the way. 41.3 billion mantas were spent in January - May this year for implementation of these projects. Overall 161 billion mantas used from the very begging of construction. Everybody wants to turn into reality the expression: "We shall transform desert into a blossoming garden " …

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By Muhammed Shaldiyev

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