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Chemical industry developing in Turkmenistan
Turkmenistan plans to stop importing fertilizers in near future

In the economic reviews of the National Institute for statistics and Information of Turkmenistan the growth of the main spheres of economy makes in average from 10 to 20%, while in the chemical industry - 1.8 times. What are the main reasons for such speedy paces of development of in industry?

The Turkmen leader said at one of the recent sessions of the Government that production of import replacing production is the very principle of successful economic development of the state. Recently one of main imported product in Turkmenistan was fertilizer, urgent for fast growing agriculture of the country. This very issue was discussed at the recent session of the government.

In the list of production of the State concern Turkmendokunchemistry fertilizers make about 75%, and output of this product increased this year for average 2 times. Growth for 100% is really a good result. This year the use of additional fertilizers allowed to save about USD 6 million.

Under the information of the Information and Statistics department as for June 25 about 122,500 tons of ammonium nitrate is produced in Turkmenistan that means that by the end of the year this showing will reach to 260,000 tons. Over five months, from January to May 94,400 tons of superphosphate is produced in Turkmenistan, while the last year showings for the same period were 30,000 tons only.

One of urgent tasks of Turkmen chemistry workers is organization of production of carbamide. All necessary terms exists in the state: raw material, not expensive natural gas and electric power. Creation of big carbamide complex is the first step in this direction, construction of which started yet last year in Tejen. The first lot of production based on well-known worldwide technology of German Krupp-Ude company will be launched in September of 2004. The scheduled annual production of complex will stand at 350,000 tons of carbamide.

The largest in the state chemical enterprise Mariazot will be reconstructed as well. The existing capacities will be supplemented with a new shop in production of 450,000 tons of ammonium nitrate and 400,000 tons of carbamide annually. An international tender for implementation of this project is announced. The terms of the tender will be concluded soon.

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By Mukhammed Shalliyev

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