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From carpets to polypropylene
Turkmenistan registered production growth and output of new production

The Turkmen mass media has published review of economic data of the state for the first five months of the year. The figures presented by the National institute of statistics and information, evidences of dynamic development of all basic branches of economy.

The main branch of Turkmen economy – oil and gas extraction and processing, is developing very actively. Turkmenoilgas company has made a 29% growth, Turkmenoil – 22%. Over the period of January - May of the current year extraction of gas has increased for 11% comparing with the same period of the last year. Export of gas has increased for 15%. Oil extraction increased for 12%.

The Turkmenbashi oil complex of oil processing plants is succeeding in release of polypropylene using new equipment, which annual capacity makes 90,000 tons per one year. In January this year 2001 tons of valuable raw material was produced, in May - 7007 tons. Production of high quality lubricant oil has begun on the plant. Over two months production reached to 171,9 tons. Gasoline and kerosene output increased five months of the current year for 10% and 1,6 times.

Due to the measures undertaken for development of agriculture sphere, for January - May of the current year the total volume of agricultural production has increased for 11%. A special attention was paid equipment of the Dekhkan’s facilities and to maintenance these facilities with fertilizers. The number of combine harvesters has increased by June 1 for 3%.

For the reported period the growth of production in vegetable sphere has made 103% comparing with the same period of last year. Total harvest of vegetables in all farms of the country has made 15,7 thousand tons, including potato - 13,7 thousand tons, that is 43% that the last year figures. Harvest of fruits totaled to 1,6 thousand tons. Livestock figures as well increased, resulting in growth of meat production by 9%, milk – by 13%, eggs production – 10%.

The volume of production of building materials has increased over the reported period for 12%, including ferro-concrete for 22%, kaoline - 1,5 times, cement – for 8%. High rates of growth are observed in textile branch as well. Production in textile field increased by 12%. Carpets and carpet products 1,8 times increased.

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