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Turkmenistan "arms" its farmers
One of government's priority - providing farmers with modern equipment

The experience of historical practice and the most advanced states of the present world proves that steady and stable development of economy depends on well-developed agriculture. There were cases in the history, when a rather stable and powerful states were established due to hydrocarbon resources, other minerals. However, even those states, having created a material basis, inevitably appeared before necessity to develop agriculture, regardless the whether and climate conditions.

Economists use very often the term "renewed resources ". In fact, "not renewed" resources are petroleum, gas, coal, ores, all that resources that once can be terminated and could not be renewed by no ways. If taking into consideration the rates of growth of energy consumption by mankind such prospect is not too far. The "renewed" resources are the ones the ground will give birth, year by year, and that will never be exhausted. In Turkmenistan, starting from the first months of sovereignty, reformation of agriculture sphere was considered as one of vital tasks, as a basis for creating of really independent economy. The task was not only to keep up cotton traditionally cultivated here, but also to achieve "foodstuff independence" - to provide itself with bread.

Taking into account an eternal problem of all Central Asian states - shortage of water resources, plans seemed much unreal. However, that such opportunity is real in case of strong political will, persistence and modern. As for the strong political will and persistence - the Turkmen leader provided it. As if to the third component necessary for successful development of "renewed resources" was the matter of time.After the collapse of the Soviet Union the system of centralized deliveries "collapsed" as well. It collapsed because of absence of technologies in USSR and later in CIS.

The Turkmen leader Saparmurat Nijazov then has turned looks to the West, where there were every technology but very expensive. Dajhanam-tenants, for example could not import foreign tractors. Then, the President Niyazov has made a decision - to buy engineering based on centralized system, having supported thus not as strong farmers. Well-known American company "John Dir" has become Turkmenistan's first partner. Later other US company - Case - started deliveries of its production to Turkmenistan. However, the foreign equipment and techniques were not suitable for every form of agricultural activity. Therefore, Turkmenistan addressed to its old CIS neighbors - to Minsk first of all. Recently, Niyazov and Lukashenko have signed the agreement on delivery of MTZ-80 tractors to Turkmenistan - 2,000 annually till 2010.

It does not mean that Turkmenistan has refused from purchase of US equipment: right before the beginning of grain harvest season another lot of Case US combines (90 pieces) were delivered to the country. Moreover, within the framework of the same contract signed in January this year with the head of Case corporation Jean-Pier Rosso, 100 four-line cotton-picking combines and 8 rise-picking combines will be delivered to Turkmenistan. The Earth is always grateful for good care and one may state for sure that Turkmenistan, with such approach of a management to the decision of problems of agriculture, always will be provided with "renewed resources".

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By Muhammed Shaldiyev, Journalist

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