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Oil and Gas breakthrough
New stage of development of the oil and gas field started in Turkmenistan

The Turkmen president Saparmurat Niyazov confirmed the main showings of the upcoming steps of development of Turkmenistan's gas and oil complex for 2002. Successful implementation of planned arrangements will allow upgrading oil extraction to 13.5 million tons and natural gas development to 70.8 billion cubic meters. This year the oil export will reach up to 2.7 million tons, natural gas extraction 56.5 billion cubic meters, including to Iran - up to 6.5 billion cubic meters.

Increase of oil extraction volume will be possible due to drilling of new wells and implementation of investment projects (Gunorta Gamishlija, Gunorta Cheleken, Nebitlije etc.).

Technologies of drilling of slant-directionally drilled wells and horizontal wells will be widely used. Oil extraction from several beds of the same well at a time will also be practiced. Old oil fields Goterdepe, Barsagelmez and Gumdag are to the reconstructed completely for their transformation to a gas-lift method, pumping of bed water and use of other mechanisms for oil extraction. Hitting of gas development plan is possible thanks to improving the capacity at Dovletabad, 10 Years of Independence, Balguyi, Malay, Korlej and other fields. Construction of Yilandi compressor stations, a 43 km export gas main is scheduled as well. Gagarin, Balguyi and Chartak gaz fields are to be put into exploitation.

Construction of compressor station at Korpej and Goturdepe will also start. Increase of oil and gas reserves will be possible due to complex geo-physical and drilling operations on perspective territories. Under the "program for development of geo-physical activity in Turkmenistan for 2001-2002" preparation and drilling of new perspective oil and gas structures will be carried out. The main volume of prospect drilling will be focused on Gunbatar Ekerem, Khazariaka zolagi, Vas, Nebirtlije, Yashildepe and other perspective areas. 7.7 million tons of crude oil will be processed on Turkmenbashi complex thanks to putting into operation of new technological plants. The processed oil will meet international standards that will allow satisfying the needs of the country and upgrade the volume of mineral oil export.

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