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31.03.07 14:25
School teachers' wages to rise by 40%
Wages of workers of the educational system of Turkmenistan will be increased beginning next school year. President Gurbanuly Berdimuhammedov signed a relevant decree approving a resolution adopted at the Halk Maslagaty session yesterday.

According to the document, the tariff rates and wages of professors and teachers, scholarships of students and pupils will be increased by 40% starting September 1, 2007, taking into account a revised work load of teachers defined by the decree of the President of Turkmenistan of March 4, 2007.

Guided by this decree, the finance ministry of Turkmenistan is to make amendments to the state budget of Turkmenistan for 2007. The ministry of justice of Turkmenistan has been instructed to make proposals on making amendments to the legal texts of Turkmenistan as implied in this decree and submit them to the Cabinet of Ministers for consideration.

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